Best Zombie Games To Play In 2023

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Best Zombie Games To Play In 2023

Zombies have been a fixture of video games for decades now, to the point that they have nearly become an irritating stereotype. You can toss in a few shambling zombie bullet sponges and call it a day if you are looking for something simple. However, although zombies might be a boring addition to a game in the wrong hands, they can also be horrifying, humorous, interesting, or clever in the right hands, resulting in horrific storylines or ingenious game mechanics.

Zombies make be excellent adversaries in many situations. Our society’s shortsightedness is being parodied by these plodding black mirrors, which move slowly and deliberately. The fact that they are numerous and dispassionate eaters of flesh makes them ideal cannon fodder for both actions flicks and twitch shooters both.

Their squandered faces are equally good in serving the aims of terror and levity at the same time. The best zombies games have a slew of undead adversaries that are not afraid to gobble up some brains, but there is a lot more to them than that.

In a hostile environment, you will be forced to put your survival and fighting abilities to the test, and you will see firsthand how mankind can unify and come together in the face of hardship.

The best zombie games do provide a diverse range of various action-packed experiences that can be both sophisticated and quite enjoyable. So, we have covered an entire list of the best zombie games that you need to play right away on different platforms.

Best Zombie Games With Great Gameplay

These are the best zombie games that you need to add to your list:

1. The Last Of Us: One Of The Best Zombie Games PS4 Ever Made

The Last of Us, which took our top title for Game of the Year in 2013, has remained the finest zombie game ever created for over six years. As you travel throughout the nation, you will encounter peril as you pass through an overgrown and mostly post-human United States.

Additionally, in addition to the hordes of mushroom-brained zombies that are just ready to tear your jugular out with their fangs, the globe is populated with desperate gun-toting survivalists who are fighting for their lives against an oppressive government and vicious rebel factions.

The greatest part is that you get to do it all alongside a sarcastic young girl who alternates between making fun of you and saving your life. Joel and Ellie’s journey is both gloomy and stressful at the same time.

The decrepit and frightening landscapes establish the ideal tone for the stealth/survival gameplay, which increases the tension to nearly intolerable levels as the player works to avoid being discovered. This is not your standard zombie game where you charge in with weapons blazing.

The only way to get past tougher opponents is to sneak up on them while conserving your ammunition and scavenging for resources. The action-packed sequences let you to feel every bone-crushing, face-smashing blow, while the tragic parts are just as emotionally involving as the action sequences are.

The Last of Us is the finest game available for those seeking the ultimate zombie survival experience.

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Reasons To Play This One Of The Best Zombie Survival Games:

  • Awesome graphics
  • Detailed gameplay
  • Beautiful soundtracks
  • Amazing storyline

2. World War Z: Expanding The List Of The Zombie Games Xbox One

Every aspect of World War Z is enjoyable on its own, but if you want to mow down hundreds, no, thousands of zombies with a bunch of friends or strangers, there is not a better game on the market right now.

Even though it is loosely based on the 2013 Brad Pitt film (which itself was based on an even more loosely based on a 2006 novel), this is mostly an excuse to reuse the one memorable aspect of the film: colossal hordes of zombies that rush through streets and crash around corners like water pouring through a broken dam.

It certainly draws inspiration from the Left 4 Dead trilogy (RIP), but it also incorporates several current gaming staples, such as selectable classes with permanent growth, into the mix.

A Slasher, who gains additional health by eliminating foes in rapid succession, a Fixer, who instals traps to keep regions safe, or one of four other classes are available to choose from. If you choose to level up first, you will have lots of opportunities to unleash tonnes of lead into moving walls of rotting flesh.

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Why We Love This One Of The Best Zombie Shooting Games:

  • Fast paced story
  • Lots of actions
  • Huge arsenal
  • Decent character build-up

3. Dying Light- The Following: In The List Of Zombie Survival Games With Fast-Paced Action

It was never so much joy to run over zombies before. Dying Light: The Following is a downloadable content pack for the main game that removes the majority of the parkour elements from the original game and instead places you behind the wheel of a car through a stretch of almost-spotless farmland.

Zombies will be splattered into gore as you race over the fields, and tyre tracks will be left in their intestines as you take on daring leaps. Just make sure you do not get a zombie head stuck in your windshield wipers while travelling. At the present, there is not truly a zombie-driving game available, and The Following fills that need well.

A new, developed (and far more dangerous) form of the Volatiles has appeared, and if you come across one while driving in your buggy or creeping about at night, you will die instantly. In any case, you will have to avoid them while you drive about looking for a sect that seems to be resistant to the zombie infection, which you are studying.

It is a blast to race down the road thanks to the excellent handling, but be careful: the more you swerve out of zombies’ path, the larger the zombie horde will grow in your wake. Nothing to worry about; as soon as you let go of the brake and sit back while slamming the throttle pedal, you will realise why we like The Following so much.

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Reasons To Place This As One Of The Best Zombie Games PS4:

  • Great parkour moves
  • Highly graphic
  • Amazing graphics
  • Good collection of cars

4. Death Road To Canada: Placed Among The Best Zombie Games Of Yesteryears

Death Road to Canada is unquestionably the oddest game on our list, what with its grindhouse gore, chiptune surf rock, and chunky pixel visuals to boot. Death Road to Canada begins with the typical “I have heard it is safe there” premise to set the stage for a desperate road journey from Florida to the land of maple syrup and nice people, which takes the viewer through overcrowded rest stations and cities around the United States.

Many parts of your trip are determined by chance, including the individuals you begin with and subsequently recruit. Additionally, each survivor has their own set of numbers that impact their ability to fend against zombies and attract dogs to their cause. You know, the usual apocalyptic nonsense.

Getting overconfident in either part of the game, whether on the road or in the top-down, zombie-dodging segments, can quickly turn deadly. A few successful supply runs will ensure that you have enough gas and food to take more risky responses, but getting too confident in either part of the game can quickly turn deadly.

It should be noted that this is not a game that is scared to perma-kill the darlings it generates at random. Using the optional create-a-survivor function to fill your game world with pixelated replicas of your friends and family makes it much more entertaining. No matter who you have to leave behind, you had best be prepared to get in your vehicle and drive north of the border if you want to make it to Canada.

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Reasons To Love This One Of The Best PS4 Zombie Games:

  • Arcade-style
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Difficult to finish
  • Long hours of play

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5. Back 4 Blood: One Of The Best Zombie Video Games With Great Co-Op Mode

However, although it seems that we will never see another real Left 4 Dead game (more on that series later), we were fortunate enough to get a sequel in everything but name. Back 4 Blood was created by the creative minds of the critically acclaimed co-op zombie shooter, and it is precisely what fans have been clamouring for since its release.

As you shoot, punch, and blast your way through several campaign tasks with a party of up to three pals, each of whom chooses their character, you will learn to work together and become stronger. The new card system in Back 4 Blood adds a new dimension to the game, making each run unique.

The randomness of zombies and special infected is always there, but the addition of these cards adds another layer of unpredictability to the mix. You may have a run where you encounter more of a certain sort of runner or one where the map is obscured by fog, making vision difficult.

You may also create your deck of cards, which can be used to get perks, improve weapons, and other functions. Throughout the game, players’ journeys into various places are impacted by Back 4 Blood’s primary selling point: the card-based system. Players are given a deck of cards that may either passively or actively alter the way their character interacts with the world.

Some are straightforward, such as increasing players’ ammunition capacity or health, which is fairly basic things. Others are far more game-changing, such as cards that take away a player’s ability to aim down the sights of a weapon.

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Why We Love This One Of The Best Zombie Games Online:

  • Fantastic co-op
  • Creative levels
  • Solid shooting mechanics
  • Offers variety

6. State Of Decay: Among The Best Free Zombie Games

State of Decay is a game that is equal parts zombie apocalypse and job. The gamble of designing such an unorthodox game paid off handsomely – gamers like it. State of Decay was a groundbreaking game that blurred the lines between genres by including outposts and base facilities, which are often seen in current RPGs.

In the game, action players may face off against zombies in a head-to-head battle, while strategy gamers can take out zombies in a more methodical, one-by-one fashion with the use of snipers. Fans like the dynamic setting, which keeps them coming back for more time and time again.

State of Decay puts players right in the middle of the action on every single occasion, ensuring that it is an instant hit. However, the design was glitchy and did not take off like the original, although many of us were looking forward to it.

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Reasons To Place This Among Best Xbox Zombie Games:

  • Great RPG
  • Groundbreaking shooting mechanics
  • Good animation
  • Dynamic setting

7. The Walking Dead: One Of The Best Zombie Games PS4

It would be a heinous sin not to add Telltale’s The Walking Dead as one of the finest zombie games of all time on the list of top zombie games of all time. While most zombie games might have you continuously cutting off heads or blasting undead brains to pieces with a shotgun, this choice-driven adventure tackles the human aspect of the zombie apocalypse, which is a refreshing change from the norm.

Instead of testing your aim, this version examines your social decision-making skills as well as your nerves, since some very screwed up things occur throughout the game. Clementine is an orphan who has been abandoned by her parents. You play as Lee Everett, a convicted killer who finds himself in the position of guardian over her.

As you come into contact with additional survivors, you will find yourself making choices that will have far-reaching consequences for the members of your group. However, the worst thing (and, at the same time, the nicest part) is that you establish a bond with the characters in your group.

As a result, when the horrible things start happening, you will get the impression that it was your buddy who was being devoured alive rather than a simple video game character. Individuals will perish, the unexpected will occur, and difficult choices will need to be taken. You will simply have to deal with the repercussions of your actions.

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Why We Love This One Of The Best Zombie Survival Games:

  • Incredible story
  • Well-developed story
  • Choices affect the story
  • Decent graphics

8. DayZ: One Of The Best Zombie Multiplayer Games

When Twitch was just getting started in the early to mid-2010s, it seemed like DayZ was the one game that everyone was talking about, and it still does. In addition to providing players with frantic gameplay that served as the ideal sort of title to watch others play online, DayZ was hitting all the right notes at the time of its release.

Before the standalone release of the game, there existed an ARMA 2 mod for the game, which is where the game’s fame first gained traction and grew from there. By combining aspects such as resource management from traditional survival horror games with the exploring of open-world games, DayZ offered something for every sort of player to enjoy.

Like many excellent zombie games, they were not the only thing standing between you and victory; you also had to keep an eye out for your other players. For the most part, DayZ is about the experience of travelling about the globe and fighting with zombies in the hopes of eventually coming across an item like a can of beans at a supermarket.

Making your way through this world with nothing, to begin with, and progressively building up your inventory was genuinely thrilling, and it seems silly to even think about it now. The persistent danger that human gamers and zombies were able to generate at all times contributed to a constant feeling of dread that made any little moments of rest that you may have found all the more welcome in the long run.

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Reasons To Invest Time In This One Of The Best Open World Zombie Games:

  • Survival horror story
  • Open-world
  • Great gameplay
  • Flawless co-op

9. COD Cold War: Placed In The Section Of Best Zombie Games On Steam

Zombies mode has been included in Call of Duty games for many years, and the game’s different variants have proven to be entertaining and interesting additions to the Call of Duty canon. While the Zombies mode in Black Ops – Cold War is the most recent addition, each of the previous games has provided its distinct take on the creative mode.

Defending against waves of progressively fierce zombies while collecting money from their kills to purchase more powerful weapons is the goal of the game. Your true objective, though, is to amass enough cash to spend on eliminating obstacles that gradually disclose more and more of each Zombies area, where you must struggle to solve riddles and find out how to get even farther.

The whole game is based on figuring things out via repetition and exploration, with no waypoints and just a few suggestions to guide you through what you should do at any given time. When you combine that with Zombies’ predilection for enlisting the help of well-known actors and huge names in horror and Hollywood, you have something that is unlike any other zombie game now available.

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Why We Love Playing This One Of The Best Zombie Games:

  • Powerful weapons
  • Mind-bending puzzles
  • Outstanding action
  • Great co-op gameplay

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10. Resident Evil: Franchise Of The Best Zombie Games PS4 With Great Story

Resident Evil would be an incomplete list of zombie games if it were not included. You could have been terrified out of your mind by Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality, or you might have found yourself frequently returning to the action-packed classic that is Resident Evil 4, but there are still plenty of scares to be had in the game that began it all.

Resident Evil is one of the finest horror games available, and it would be much better if the unneeded problems from subsequent sequels were not included. Whether you are playing as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, you will find yourself trapped in the infamously labyrinthine Spencer Mansion, where voracious zombies and frightening mutations lurk around every corner, frequently masked or obstructed by ingenious environmental obstacles.

Fixed camera angles amplify the impression of claustrophobia, and your limited inventory makes you feel more vulnerable than ever. If that is not enough to scare you, you may always play the remastered version of the game that was published in 2015. Although it is a remake of a remake, Resident Evil is a bit as frightening as you remember it to be because of the addition of fresh locales, situations, and surprise elements.

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Reasons To Love This One Of The Best Zombie Games:

  • Available in VR
  • Great gameplay
  • Exciting story
  • Awesome graphics

Get ‘Extra Crazy’ By Playing The Best Zombie Games

Each studio, whether triple-A, indie, or somewhere in between, has created its unique take on the traditional decaying rotten tidal, and they are all worth playing and learning from. Although some of these games are better than others and there is a handful of them completely redefining the “zombie survival” genre. We hope you find our list of the best zombie games exciting!

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