Why Women Prefer Masturbation?

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Moderate masturbation is harmless to the body. It is just a way to understand your body and explore your desires. Equality before the sex, whether men or women, masturbation is essentially the realization of self-happiness. The woman who truly loves herself must know how to be happy, you always have the right to enjoy sex, experience the pleasure and beauty. So, what are the advantages of masturbation?

1.Do it alone

You don’t need to consider how the other person feels before and after. 

You can simply indulge in the utmost comfort during moments of sexual bliss. Masturbation requires minimal preparation, just a bed, a few cozy pillows, and sometimes sex toys can be great options as well. If you haven’t tried using adult toys, I suggest you to find out about this inya rose toy. It will undoubtedly provide you with a fantastic masturbation experience.


2.Satisfy yourself

The challenge with sex is that it involves interacting with another person, and you have to consider their feelings. In order to avoid making each other sad, you may have to tell little lies, pretend to moan or fake orgasms, turning the entire encounter into a tiring theatrical performance.

But masturbation is different. You only need to focus on pleasing yourself. You can decide when to start and when to finish, and you have control over the pace. You don’t have to worry about feeling a bit awkward afterwards or going through the trouble of getting dressed up beforehand.

Yes, some unfortunate people may encounter partners that they are dissatisfied with and may even have a sexually transmitted disease. With masturbation, you don’t have to worry about the risk of contracting diseases! Unless you don’t clean your toys properly, it is generally safe and hygienic. If you’re interested in more sex toys, visit https://www.inyarose.com to make a purchase.

3.Give it imagination.

You see, when you masturbate, you can imagine any scenario or person you desire, but when you’re intimate with someone else, it can be embarrassing if you accidentally call them by the wrong name! If you have a fulfilling sex life with your partner, that’s great. But if it’s not as enjoyable, it’s better to indulge in your own fantasies rather than having unsatisfying sex.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of masturbation, you’re missing out on a significant aspect of life! It’s wonderful to please your partner through sex, but it’s also important to take care of your own needs. Masturbation is a simple and inexpensive way to experience the pleasure of orgasm, and everyone should give it a try!


4.Understand your own body.

Indeed, you are in control of your own pleasure. You understand how to bring yourself to climax, where your sensitive areas are located, and you don’t need to go through the trouble of guiding someone else to explore and familiarize themselves with your body.

When you caress your own body, your sexual desire has been quietly ignited. Because there are many sensitive spots on the skin surface, caressing them can not only make you feel comfortable and relax, but also make your heart desire. Then, with your clean fingers, explore slowly and gradually, up to your sensitive areas. You can clearly feel the difference of the strength of your finger. Then continue to use your fingers, slowly touch, feel the different strength of the stimulus, to find your own sensitive point.

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