Best White Gaming Keyboard For Aesthetic Feels

Best White Gaming Keyboard For Aesthetic Feels

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white gaming keyboard

White gaming keyboards have become the recent trend and are taking over the darker coloured keyboards. Gamers are specifically purchasing white gaming keyboard for putting a longer impression on their fans and viewers. In this article, we will list down the best white gaming keyboard for your personalization option!

Best White Gaming Keyboard For Crafted Gaming

1. Corsair K70: Overall The Best White Gaming Keyboard

While this lovely mechanical keyboard isn’t cheap, it guarantees you a peripheral that will last through your gaming sessions and even compete with you if you’re a tough player.

A complete brushed metal frame provides a stable ride, with practically endless colour customization for its per-key RGB illumination (keeping you powered even at night) and removable, soft-touch wrist rest to prevent arthritis.

Furthermore, if you intend to travel with the K70, it is capable of keeping up. You can save up to three saved profiles without using additional software, thanks to the onboard memory that allows for 8MB of profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback. The K70 was designed with convenience in mind. 

You can simply access extra USB ports for your headset or mouse thanks to a USB pass-through connector. There’s no need to halt that game because you have multimedia and volume control at your fingertips. And, of course, you’ve got your Windows Key Lock to ensure that no one – not even yourself – gets in the way of your good time.

White Gaming Keyboard

Key Features Of This White Gaming Keyboard Corsair:

  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Superior build quality
  • Easy to use software
  • Super responsive

2. Razer BlackWidow Lite: White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Extra Detail

If the Corsair K70 doesn’t work for you for any reason, whether it’s because of its high price or just because it’s too cool, consider the Razer Blackwidow White TKL, a smaller, tenkeyless keyboard choice. This sleek, modern-looking little fella is undoubtedly budget-friendly. 

Make no mistake: despite its lower price and smaller size, this keyboard is really strong and well-made. You won’t have to compromise on toughness. What distinguishes the Blackwidow from the K70? It features Razer’s unique Orange switch technology, which provides tactile feedback rather than linear feedback, as well as a light 45g actuation point with anti-ghosting for precise, rapid gameplay. 

This white gaming keyboard has an outstanding 80 million clicks. With the keyboard’s exposed bases, you’ll be able to see the orange switches — a lovely touch to make your gear stand out. While there is a slight click to the keyboard, it is generally silent, due to the Ring Sound Dampeners, which aim to minimise not just noise but also travel distance and typing stress.

Choosing the correct switch comes down to your choice and the games you play. This is the keyboard for you if you want a tactile switch that doesn’t wake up the house when the game gets intense. The Blackwidow Lite also lacks RGB illumination, so if you want something simpler, this is the model for you.

White Gaming Keyboard

Key Features Of This White Razer Gaming Keyboard:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact in size
  • Value for money
  • High-quality build

3. Redragon K552: White Wireless Gaming Keyboard For Enhanced Experience

Redragon holds the future of gaming in their hands, and their white gaming keyboard is the most adaptable on our list. The rainbow LED RGB lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of your keyboard by adding a dash of colour. 

The splash-proof construction protects you from spilling liquids on the top of this white gaming keyboard, and the addition of 12 dedicated multimedia keys is amazing. This keyboard is capable of simultaneously performing numerous instructions. These keys are silent and responsive thanks to their Cherry MX Red comparable linear switches.

White Gaming Keyboard

Why We Love This Redragon Gaming Keyboard White:

  • Minimal resistance
  • Ergonomic design
  • RGB lighting
  • Splash proof

4. Logitech G915: Black And White Gaming Keyboard With Simple Appearance

Logitech does not require any introduction. For your white gaming setup, the Logitech G915 is a portable, sleek, and quick white gaming keyboard. The Logitech G915 connects to the internet using a native LIGHTSPEED wireless connection, which is extremely fast and responsive. 

You may also attach a keyboard to your phone over Bluetooth. While using a Bluetooth connection while gaming is not suggested, you may certainly use it for other purposes. Even though it has a TKL design, Logitech nevertheless manages to include dedicated media buttons and a Media controller wheel. 

Elegant RGB lighting, Game Mode, and quality low-profile mechanical switches are just a few of the reasons why a Logitech G915 white gaming keyboard should be your first choice.

White Gaming Keyboard

Reasons To Buy This White RGB Gaming Keyboard:

  • Fast response
  • RGB lighting
  • Compact design
  • Great battery life

5. ROCCAT Vulcan 122: Developers Of Best White Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Give the ROCCAT Vulcan 122 keyboard a try if you want to stand out from the crowd of people who possess Corsair or Razer mechanical keyboards but still want the premium quality of those top brands. This keyboard features a low profile, flat keys, and Titan Switches that respond quickly and have a sharp mechanical feel to them. 

The flat keys are unusual, but after you get accustomed to them, you’ll probably fall in love with them. Brown switches are used on the Vulcan, which is substantially quieter than Cherry MX Blues while maintaining the same tactile feel that makes typing and gaming fun.

The detachable ergonomic wristpad is one of the nicest features of the Vulcan 122, which is something that many white mechanical keyboards lack. 

The keyboard’s overall build quality is excellent, especially to the strong metal top. Finally, the white Vulcan 122 is just stunning. Its RGB system is powered by AIMO intelligent lighting technology, which uses long-life LEDs to produce brilliant, vivid colours.

White Gaming Keyboard

Major Highlights Of This Gaming Keyboard White RGB:

  • Tactile switch
  • Advanced anti-ghosting
  • Great durability
  • Decent palm rest

6. Razer Huntsman Mini: Good White Gaming Keyboard For MOBA Players

The Razer Huntsman is a white gaming keyboard from Razer that is good. The Huntsman’s keys are substantially lighter than the Razer BlackWidow owing to its innovative Opto-Mechanical Switch. When playing a first-person shooter or a MOBA game, pressing a key down takes a bit less power, which might be apparent.

The new actuation technology is also more responsive to more keypresses in a shorter period, which is vital if you need to tap keys repeatedly and have them register. The Huntsman, on the other hand, is missing a few things that you may or may not care about. There are no macro keys or USB passthrough connectors on this computer. 

It features the same gorgeous Chroma RGB lighting as the BlackWidow, although it isn’t quite as bright. However, the keyboard does have four media buttons and a movable dial, which is a fantastic feature for managing Spotify without having to alt-tab while gaming. The Elite Huntsman keyboard has an armrest, however, it is only available in black.

White Gaming Keyboard

Key Features Of This White Gaming Keyboard RGB:

  • Great peripherals
  • Different colour variants
  • Movable dial
  • Eye-catching design

7. ANNE Pro 2: Mini Gaming Keyboard White For Easy Handling

When it comes to PC gaming, the word “Mac” seldom comes to mind. Apple’s computers have a reputation for being lousy gaming machines, but that looks to be changing thanks to the M1 processor. Although you won’t be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 on it, the new Macs are more than capable of handling independent games and competitive online games.

As a result, Mac users will require a capable gaming keyboard. Apple customers prefer white and simple setups, which is why a gaming keyboard like the Anne Pro 2 is an excellent choice for them. This white wireless keyboard looks great next to a Mac and has a lot of functions that integrate well with the Mac environment.

The Anne Pro 2’s key selling point for Mac users is its wifi connection. It connects through Bluetooth, just like the Mac’s Magic Keyboard. This provides a comparable experience to the Magic Keyboard without the need for a cord. If you prefer a wired connection, you may connect the Anne Pro 2 to your Mac through USB-C, which eliminates the need for a dongle.

There are many additional advantages to the Anne Pro 2, like the ability to customise your key switches, but if you want a fantastic mechanical keyboard for Mac, this should be at the top of your choice.

White Gaming Keyboard

Key Features Of This Black And White Keyboard Gaming:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Compact and portable
  • Programmable keys
  • Subtle lighting

8. Royal Kludge RK61: Developers Of White Gaming Keyboard And Mouse In Budget

Although mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good experience. The Royal Kludge RK61, which costs under $65, is a great example. The RK61 boasts a great build quality and lots of functions to compete with other popular keyboards, and its low price further adds to its allure.

The RK61 provides a surprising amount of functions for an inexpensive 60% keyboard. It features 18 lighting options, which is adequate but not as extensive as the individual key customization seen on more expensive boards. The RK61 may be connected in three ways: through 2.4GHz wifi, Bluetooth, or USB. 

Even some of the more costly boards on this list don’t have as many possibilities. As a result, whether you use a Mac or a PC, it’s a fantastic gaming keyboard. The RK61 also offers hot-swappable switches, with blue, brown, or red mechanical switches to pick from.

All of this adds up to a versatile and high-quality board that can be used by just about anyone. And for roughly $65, it’s a great value for money for gamers on a budget.

White Gaming Keyboard

Reasons To Love This Best White Gaming Keyboard:

  • Reliable connection
  • Extra comfort
  • Swappable switches
  • Budget-friendly

9. Eagletec KG011: Best White Gaming Keyboard With Sleek Design

If staying within your budget is your primary concern, but you still want to play games, we may have a keyboard that will meet your needs. The Eagletec KG011 is a sleek, understated mechanical keyboard with a lot to offer at a surprisingly affordable price. You get a beautiful blue LED RGB illumination and a sleek aircraft-grade aluminium structure. 

While the lighting isn’t customizable, the blue looks great on its own. So if you don’t want to fiddle with your keyboard lighting and want the colour blue, this is the one for you. Its moulded keycaps also ensure that you won’t be wearing down the keys very soon, ensuring that the keyboard looks nice for a long time.

While you won’t be able to purchase CherryMX switches for as cheap as the Redragon K550, you’ll still be able to get strong alternatives. The KG011 has CherryMX Blue counterparts, which means a more tactile bump with a clicky sound that isn’t too loud but loud enough to be heard while gaming or typing.

It isn’t as responsive as some of the other keyboards on our list, but that may be just what you need – especially if you aren’t used to quicker, linear switches or plan to use it as a casual gamer. It also suggests that it will function well for general typing. You’ll receive the exact gameplay you need from your gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting and n-key rollover. 

You still receive a full-sized numeric keypad, multimedia keys for enhanced control, WASD arrows key exchange, and a locked windows key for uninterrupted gaming! And, hey, it’s even spill-proof! So go ahead and spill while you’re having fun!

White Gaming Keyboard

Key Features Of This White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Good looking
  • Quiet response

10. GameSir GK300: Underrated White Gaming Keyboard

Last but not least, we have a little more costly alternative to the Eagletec KG011 keyboard. If you don’t want a keyboard with a noticeable “gamer” aesthetic, the GameSir GK 300 wireless keyboard is the way to go.

Yes, this is a wireless keyboard with 2.4GHz Bluetooth that can last up to 30 hours of play before needing to be recharged. Yes, you may still use it while it is charging. This is our sole wireless alternative, and it’s ideal if you despise being tied or prefer gaming or typing on your lap. It’s focused on a more subtle design this time. 

Simply switch the lights off or lower them if you want a keyboard that blends in. If you’re playing in a dimly lit environment, you can still light up your setup to see what you’re doing. To keep you comfortable, the keyboard comes with a retractable wrist pad. Even though the GK300 isn’t as powerful as the Corsair K70, you’re still getting a wonderful product. 

If you don’t want to show off the GK300’s intricate RGB lighting, the modest light is still attractive enough to give you a glimpse of its gaming skills. This inexpensive keyboard is a great choice because of its quiet keystrokes, stylish aluminium design, and cable-free gameplay.

White Gaming Keyboard

Reasons To Buy This White Gaming Keyboard:

  • Backlit RGB
  • Durable aluminium
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Affordable price

Best White Gaming Keyboard For Best Gaming

While most gaming keyboards have a black chassis and RGB lights, that’s not the appearance many gamers are going for. Many gamers appreciate the clean and simplistic looks of a white setup and want a keyboard to match. That’s where our guide to the best white gaming keyboards will help you.


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