Methods to Setup Android TV Using

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Methods to Setup Android TV Using

If you want to have all of your entertainment at a touch of remote control, televisions and players with Android TV are an excellent investment. Android TV is a television and device operating system that allows users to access not just a wide range of applications and multimedia streaming services, but also Android apps and games. 

Now everything is on TV, thanks to Google Chromecast integration and the convenience of being able to operate everything with remote control. In this article, we will tell you the easy steps for the setup of setup. So sit straight and go through this article.

Assisted Ways Of Setup

Any device with Android TV, whether it’s a television or a player, must go through an installation procedure to register a Google account, choose whether or not to utilise Assistant, choose which apps to install, and register the device with the manufacturer, just like any other Android device. 

This step may be completed with the assistance of another phone, a web browser, or manually inputting all of the information using the Android TV remote control. We’ll skip this method of configuring since it’s inconvenient, but you may use it if you don’t have another Android or a browser, either mobile or desktop, on hand. To begin the process of setup, follow these steps:

Assisted Ways Of Setup

  • Connect your Android TV according to the manufacturer’s instructions (to the socket and a free HDMI on the TV). Turn it on and choose the HDMI port to which you attached the device.
  • Proceed to the next screen after selecting a language.
  • If you have an Android phone, utilise the mobile settings (recommended). Otherwise, select the settings through ‘’ or manually input user data by clicking ‘Skip.’

How To Do Setup With Another Android

If you have an Android phone, you must set up your Android TV as if it were a new phone. To accomplish this, you must follow the steps below:

  • Look for the Google choices in the mobile settings.
  • Then choose ‘Configure and restore’, followed by ‘Configure Nearby Device.’
  • After a few seconds of searching, your phone will recognise the Android TV on the screen with ‘Next.’
  • Make sure the code on the TV and the phone are the same, then press the ‘Next button.
  • Select the WiFi network to which the Android TV will connect, and agree to Google copying it from your phone to your TV. You must provide your permission for the surgery to take place.
  • Choose the Google account you’ll be using with Android TV.
  • Google will set up your Android TV with your data; all you have to do now is accept the terms on the TV device.
  • The Android TV will most likely propose apps to install; choose your favourites or go to the next screen.
  • After the process is completed, your Android TV will be operational: Simply download the programmes you want from Google Play, and you’re done.

Configuration With

We’ve previously shown how easy it is to set up the TV device using another Android phone, but setting it up without another phone isn’t much more difficult. Google has created a webpage that makes the procedure easier; you’ll need a browser to view it (it is valid for both desktop and mobile).

  • With another Android, pick ‘Skip’ on the selection screen and choose the device’s WiFi connection.
  • Touch To avoid having to enter with your Android TV remote, sign in with your Google account and select ‘Use your phone or computer.’ If you don’t have access to a computer, use the remote to log in.
  • Now visit in a web browser. Make a note of the code that shows on your television.
  • Log in using the Google account that will be moved to your Android TV in the browser. Finish the procedure on TV by agreeing on the terms of service, selecting which applications will be installed, and providing the remaining information needed to complete the setup. Setup With Youtube

This solution only works with Android Smart TVs, such as Mi TVs. This television runs on the Android TV operating system. When the TV is turned on, you can see if it is an Android TV or not, and you can also check in the Settings>About Section.

  • On, and then open the Youtube app.
  • To activate Youtube, choose Sign in.
  • It will prompt you to sign in with your Google Account in one of two ways: on your mobile/tablet or via a remote connection. Choose the option for mobile devices.
  • Visit code on your phone or computer and enter the code. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • After you’ve entered the google visit code, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account. Log in with your Account after entering the credentials. That is all there is to it.
  • You may now view all of the material. You may also access your Google Photos if you have a Google account on your TV. You may use the SwiftKey Keyboard app if you’re not happy with the default Android keyboard.

A-Z On Setup

In just a few steps and less than five minutes, you’ll have your new Android TV device configured using one of the two approaches. And, once the gadget is linked to a TV, WiFi, and your Google account, you can use it to access all of the Google Play applications. 

Netflix, Movistar +, HBO, Disney +, and a slew of more services: Android TV offers a wealth of entertainment options, including games. We hope this article on setup helped you in setting up Android TV successfully.

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