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keycap remover

If you’re a writer, teacher, or other professional, you’re probably one of the people who use a keyboard virtually every day. In reality, in these days of information technology, we spend a significant amount of time typing. Because we use the keyboard with dirty hands or fingers the majority of the time, it may need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Going forward in this article, we will discuss how to remove keycaps without tool or with tool. We will also see how to remove spacebar keycap, and keycap remover. But before everything else, let us know what are keycaps. So, let’s begin.

What Are Keycaps?

The plastic covering on top of each key switch that identifies the letter or symbol typed into the computer is known as a keycap. The standard keycaps are fine for casual users, but keyboard aficionados frequently swap them out for personalised choices. Mechanical keyboards are generally preferred by gamers and professionals who utilise their keyboards. 

Membrane keyboards employ a continuous membrane layer that runs beneath each key to register keystrokes, whereas mechanical keyboards use discrete switches and contacts under each key. Although both types of keyboards may be used to type, many people prefer the feel, aesthetics, and sound of mechanical switches. 

Mechanical boards also have a variety of switches to choose from, allowing users to improve their precision and speed depending on their preferred switch. If you want to modify your keyboard in the future, you’ll need to know the difference between the two sorts of keyboards.

keycap remover

Mechanical keyboards provide greater customisation and keycap swapping. Over time, regular wear and tear degrades keycaps. The top legends can become dull or worn down, but switching them out on most mechanical keyboards is simple. Most keycaps are compatible with all keyboards, however there are significant distinctions to be made.

Mechanical keyboards generally employ Cherry MX-style switches, while other businesses use their own patented key switches. Keycaps made for MX switches may not fit well on other switch types, therefore before purchasing a new set of keycaps, make sure you know which ones your board contains. 

The layout of your keyboard will also play a factor in deciding compatibility. Specific keycap sets will be required for non-standard 1800 and 65 percent keyboards, such as the Drop Shift and Alt. Keyboard layouts vary by area, and some nations have drastically diverse keyboard layouts, such as ANSI and ISO. 

When purchasing keycaps, double-check the layout of your keyboard to verify compatibility. Keycaps are also available in a variety of materials and styles, allowing you to customise how they feel and appear. Some keycaps, such as pudding keycaps, allow more light to shine through the keys and are ideal for RGB keyboards. 

Others have rubberized tops that allow gamers to recognise critical keys while gaming. Keycaps are a fantastic way to personalise the appearance and feel of your gaming setup.

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Reasons For Knowing How To Remove Keycap

Before learning how to remove keycap without tool, let us see the actual reasons behind removing keycaps. By removing the keycaps, you may see the dirt and other material that may have accumulated inside the keycaps. Being able to remove the keycaps can be beneficial, and after you’ve done so, you’ll be able to easily clean up the debris using compressed air. 

keycap remover

Cleaning the keycaps is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your keyboard. If you have light-coloured keycaps, this will be more effective and efficient. Once you’ve removed the keyboard, it’ll be one of the best ways to help you clean it up for a better experience.

How To Remove Membrane Keycaps Without Tool

Membrane keyboards are currently one of the most widely used keyboards. Rubber dome keyboards, also known as rubber dome mice, rely on a rubber dome to provide keystroke response. One of the most important elements that make it a terrific alternative is that it is best suited for budget-conscious customers.

Before you start cleaning your membrane keyboard and start to remove keycaps laptop, make sure you have the following items:

  • Membrane keyboard
  • Bowl
  • Sanitiser to clean
  • Credit cards

Of course, using screwdrivers and keycap pullers to remove the keycaps is a professional alternative. However, for the sake of this article, we’ll look at how to remove keycaps without a puller. That is why we will be employing common home products to accomplish our goal. The keycaps on a membrane keyboard, on the other hand, must be dismantled using a screwdriver. 

The keycaps on a membrane keyboard cannot be removed without first removing the screws on the rear of the keyboard. In essence, removing the keycaps on a membrane keyboard will necessitate the use of a tiny instrument such as a screwdriver, or at the very least a household object such as a spoon rather than knowing how to remove keycaps with fingers. 

keycap remover

Follow these steps for successful keycap remover from membrane keyboards:

  • Invert your computer’s keyboard.
  • Remove the screws on the backside of your keyboard using the screwdriver or a credit card.
  • Your keyboard should now be split in half. If it doesn’t, you can pry them out with a credit card or equivalent wedge. The snapping noise should serve as proof that the two sections have been separated.
  • Disconnect the two halves. The bottom section may be removed because it isn’t required for removing the keycaps.
  • Avoid touching or handling the bottom area in any manner. It is made up of critical circuitry that can be destroyed.
  • It’s a good idea to snap a picture or maintain a user manual with an image of the keycaps in place before you remove them. After you’ve finished cleaning, you don’t want to be certain about the location of the keycaps.
  • Use a credit card or a paper clip to remove the keycaps one by one. Make sure you’re not pressing it too hard or you’ll wind up injuring them or the components underneath them. With a little push, they should readily pop up.

So, this was how to remove keycaps from a membrane keyboard. Now you can clean your keyboard using a sanitiser.

How To Remove Mechanical Keycaps Without Any Kecap Removal Tool

These are the greatest keyboards to consider if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard or want to improve your keyboard experience. The key switches on these keyboards are located beneath each key. On mechanical keyboards, the keys have a keycap that displays the number, letter, or symbol that you type. 

A stem underneath the keycap drops when the keycap is pushed, and then there’s a housing that holds everything together. The spring-loaded switch actuates the specific circuitry on the PCB and registers the keypress when you press the keycap. Mechanical keyboards have several advantages and have always been the finest gaming keyboards.

In ideal circumstances, a keycap puller will be required to remove the keycaps from a mechanical keyboard. While some keyboards have a keycap extractor, others may not include one as part of the sales package.

However, since we’re trying to figure out how to remove keycaps on a mechanical keyboard without any keycap remover, we’ll use a paper clip, credit card, or another similar wedge. The detailed process is given below:

  • Place the keyboard you wish to remove the keycaps from on your work surface in a clean, dry area.
  • Remove the keycaps with a bent paper clip or a credit card.
  • You may even utilise stuff like a home key, a knife, or a pair of scissors. You may utilise a PV porthole if you have one from an old PC chassis. The goal is to apply equal upward pressure on both sides of the key in the same direction.
  • Apply equal pressure to the keycap as you pull it up. Make sure the keycap isn’t bent in any particular direction.
  • The keycap should detach from the switch below and come out on its own.
  • Larger or longer keys will require more caution since they have greater support that may break during the removal procedure.

On a mechanical keyboard, removing the keycaps is significantly easier than on a membrane keyboard. One of the nicest features is that, unlike a membrane keyboard, you do not have to open the keyboard. Even without opening the keyboard or handling the PCB, you may easily remove the keycaps.

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Don’t Trust On Homemade Tools? Make Your Keycap Remover Tool

keycap remover

If you want to build your keycap remover tool, then you should use these items to build a keycap remover tool from scratch:

  • 2 paperclips
  • 1 twist-tie
  • Pliers
  • Ruler

And follow the steps enlisted:

  • The first step is self-explanatory. You’ll want to thoroughly straighten out the paper clips so that you can obtain the bends you desire with the pliers. Straightening out the parts that you can’t do with your fingers will be easier using the pliers.
  • This is the section that will require some accuracy. We’ll make two 90-degree bends in each paperclip, with 1 cm between them, so that the paperclips resemble long rectangles with one missing side. The quickest method to accomplish this is to use the pliers to keep the paperclip in place and your thumb to push on the clip.
  • Your two puller parts should have long legs and resemble staples. Make 90 degree bends in the ends of each puller that face outward, like the feet of a stretched-out omega ().
  • Position the two bent paper clips on top of one another. Twist tie the feet together by scrunching them together and wrapping the twist tie around them. Go around the circle twice. Wrap the ends around each foot from here. It should have the appearance of a charming tiny handle. If there is any excess paper clip hanging out, cut it with the pliers.

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Different Types Of Keyboard Cleaning

There are two different kinds of keyboard cleaning that you could employ. These two are:

Periodical Cleaning

Cleaning a keyboard at regular periods may be an excellent alternative for maintaining high standards. It would be beneficial if you cleaned the keyboard regularly. This can aid in the prevention of filth and dirt buildup.

  • Remove your keyboard from the outlet.
  • Clean the dust off the keyboard using a vacuum brush.
  • By pressing the vacuum brush on the keycaps, the keycaps will be activated. It is suggested that tiny portable vacuum brushes be used.
  • Using the somewhat moist microfiber cloth, wipe the whole keyboard clean.
  • Using another cloth, dry it. Make sure you don’t use the paper towel since it’ll make a mess.

Cleaning After Few Months

This will include removing the keycaps as described in the previous section. This might be effective for dealing with persistent filth and dust that refuses to go away even after a thorough cleaning.

  • Remove your keyboard from the outlet.
  • Remove the keycaps as directed in the guide.
  • Check to see whether the keycaps on keys like Shift, Spacebar, and Enter have support fasteners that are difficult to remove. You can wipe them off instead of deleting them if you can’t remove them.
  • Clean the keycaps by placing them in a dish of hot water and allowing them to soak for a time.
  • Using canned air and a dry cloth, remove the dust and grime from the switches and the area surrounding them.
  • You may even vacuum the plate as long as you’re careful not to harm it.

Knowing Keycap Remover For A Healthy PC

keycap remover

While cleaning your mechanical keyboard is one of the most critical habits to develop, you should also learn how to remove keycaps without using a tool, if necessary. You can follow our guide for knowing everything about how to remove keycaps without tools. We have also mentioned the methods for building a keycap remover tool for your ease!

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