How to Unlock Your iPhone Without iTunes on a Chromebook

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How to Unlock Your iPhone Without iTunes on a Chromebook - DroidWindow

You might be wondering how to unlock your iPhone without iTunes if you’ve been using a Chromebook. You’re in luck if so. The iCloud website or outside unlocking services are the two options. Which one should you use, though? Which method has advantages and disadvantages? Which approach is most suitable for your individual circumstance? Look at this.

The application will create a shortcut on your App Drawer if you have iTunes installed. But because it points to the incorrect file, this shortcut won’t work. Open your default Files application, navigate to the Linux section, and select the 3-dot menu to resolve this. the Show Hidden Files option. Your Chromebook should now be able to launch iTunes. Download the most recent version of the software from the internet and install it on your Chromebook to install the iCloud app.

You can alternatively get a free programme called AnyUnlock from the internet if you don’t want to utilise iTunes. It assists iPhones with disabled or malfunctioning screens. Without using iCloud or iTunes, this app will unlock your iPhone’s screen. You can use your gadget after installing the app on your computer. Any other programme can be used to unlock iTunes if you are unable to access it.

How Can An iPhone Be Unlocked Without iTunes?

How Can An iPhone Be Unlocked Without iTunes - DroidWindow

Don’t worry if you’ve been wondering how to unlock an iPhone on a Chromebook. A disabled iPhone can be unlocked in two different methods. First, you must use iTunes to repair your iPhone, and then you can utilise iCloud to unlock it. Both approaches will be thoroughly explained in this tutorial. Without using iTunes, you can also unlock your iPhone via a third-party service.

Restoring your iPhone to factory settings is the first technique. By doing this, all data, settings, and passcode will be deleted. Click the “Restore” button after connecting your iPhone to your computer. Then, to return your iPhone to factory settings, follow the on-screen directions. This procedure is simple and cost-free. When you have the necessary software, you can unlock your iPhone. Just keep in mind to backup your computer and keep it in a secure location.

Installing Wine on your computer is a prerequisite if you wish to utilise iTunes on your Chromebook. This programme can install programmes in both the Windows and Linux environments and is available for Linux. This app won’t operate smoothly on your Chromebook since it needs a Windows or Linux container.

Additionally, because some files have misspelt words, you should be careful to follow the instructions precisely. After installing Wine, launch iTunes and follow the prompts on the screen. Now, iTunes will launch and need your confirmation to enable specific features. Your phone will be unlocked once you click Finish when you are finished.


How Can A Disabled iPhone Be Unlocked?

How Can A Disabled iPhone Be Unlocked - DroidWindow

You may learn how to unlock your iPhone on a Chromebook without using iTunes. You can still restore your phone using this method even if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of it. However, you must first ensure that your iPhone is connected to your Apple ID and that you are familiar with the verification code before proceeding. If so, taking out the SIM card and putting it in a phone is the best course of action. If not, you can obtain the unlock code by using third-party unlocking tools.

You must first disable Find My iPhone, which prohibits you from accessing your phone’s settings, in order to proceed. You can use an iCloud backup to protect your data if you’re concerned about losing it. After that, you can restore your phone using the iCloud backup. Your iPhone should be unlocked and on the Hello interface once you’ve finished. Once you’ve finished, you can use your iPhone just as it’s brand-new.

How Does A Locked iPhone Get Factory Reset?

How Does A Locked iPhone Get Factory Reset - DroidWindow

Even if your computer doesn’t have iTunes installed and your iPhone is locked, you may still factory reset it using the browser. To ensure the process is successful, however, there are some actions you must take. Make sure your internet connection is operational first. Second, download an application from a third party that has more functions than iTunes.

You can utilise the freeware programme ReiBoot if your computer does not already have iTunes installed. It provides Standard Repair and Deep Repair, two different types of repairs. The former is ineffective in comparison to the latter. After choosing the one that best meets your requirements, enter recovery mode by following the on-screen instructions. Once in recovery mode, you must verify the make and model of your device in order to move forward.

Connecting your iPhone to your computer is the next step. You can download iTunes from the iTunes website if you don’t already have it. After that, attach your iPhone to the computer and select “Restore” from the menu. To finish the process, adhere to the directions displayed on-screen.

This should unlock your iPhone after you’ve finished. You may now use it once again.

Can An iPhone Really Be Unlocked Without A Passcode?

Can An iPhone Really Be Unlocked Without A Passcode - DroidWindow

Logging into your iCloud account is the first step in unlock your iPhone. You will then be taken to the Find iPhone option. From the drop-down option, select “All Devices”. Enter the passcode once more to confirm your choice when the “Erase iPhone” option displays. The unlocking of your iPhone will thereafter take a few minutes.

To add a new contact, click the “+” icon after that. You will be taken to a “Create New Contact” screen as a result. To add someone, select them and then click “OK.” Click on the “+” icon to add additional images to your contact list. You will then be taken to a screen where you can upload a new picture. You now have the choice of adding the image to your Photo Library.

Once your data has been backed up, you can try to recover the iPhone. Unless you have a device that was connected to an iCloud account and a verification code, Apple won’t offer a remedy for deactivated iPhones. You can unlock the iPhone using a third-party tool if that doesn’t work. The procedure is comparable to what was previously said. Following that, you will be asked to provide the appropriate account and password.

How Can A Locked iPhone Be Unlocked?

How Can A Locked iPhone Be Unlocked - DroidWindow

You can employ the next technique to unlock your iPhone if you have a Chromebook. You need the USB cord and an iTunes-running computer to unlock your iPhone. You can unlock your phone using your iCloud account if you don’t have these capabilities. Downloading the iPhone unlock application is the first step.

The most recent firmware will then be downloaded automatically by the application. Be patient as it goes along; it can take some time. An on-screen confirmation code will be given to you after the procedure is finished. The programme will let you know when the procedure is over and your iPhone has been successfully unlocked.

You must then download the EaseUS MobiUnlock programme. With the help of this expert programme, you can unlock your locked iPhones. It runs on all iOS versions and is compatible with the majority of popular iOS devices. Try this method if you’re seeking for a quick and easy way to unlock your iPhone without Itunes. With the exception of having to provide your iCloud account and password, the procedure is fairly similar to the prior approach.

How Am I Supposed To Open A Locked Phone?

How Am I Supposed To Open A Locked Phone - DroidWindow

Use iCloud or third-party unlocking services if you wish to unlock your iPhone on your Chromebook. You must connect your iPhone to a computer running iTunes in order to use either of these options. You can unlock your iPhone after signing in to your iCloud account. You must first back up the data on your iPhone before using this procedure. But you can always employ third-party unlocking services if you can’t get your phone back to the way it was!

Restoring an iCloud backup is another choice. You’ll need a free iCloud backup to accomplish this. As an alternative, you can employ the Find My iPhone reset function. You can restore the backup from an iCloud backup if Find My iPhone isn’t working to get you enter your locked iPhone. But keep in mind that iPhones are notoriously difficult to hack. You must be ready and have backup copies of all your crucial data on your computer in case you forget your passcode.

How Can a Phone Be Unlocked Without a Password?

How Can a Phone Be Unlocked Without a Password - DroidWindow

Restoring your locked iPhone on a Chromebook using iTunes is the first step in the unlocking process. Use a third-party unlocking service, such as iCloud, if you’re using a computer without iTunes installed. You can also use this service to unlock your phone if you have an Apple ID. For crippled iPhones that have been stolen, lost, or locked, this technique works wonderfully.

On a Chromebook without iTunes installed, you can still unlock your iPhone without the password. Open the app after downloading it. You must enter your Apple ID and password to log in to iTunes after it has been installed. Choose the account you used to create your Apple ID and password when prompted. After that, enter the password as directed. Click Continue if you are asked for a confirmation code.

Disabling the Activation Lock on your iPhone is another method for unlocking it without the need for an iTunes password. You can take the phone to a retailer to get the password changed if you have disabled the lock screen. Just be sure you bring the device and your ownership documentation. Don’t forget to bring the device’s serial number and the owner’s name with you. If everything else fails, you can unlock your iPhone with a third-party software and then restore it using your Apple ID.


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