Best Workout Apps In 2023 To Push You Harder

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When gyms were forced to stop for some time during the outset of the epidemic, more individuals resorted to the best workout apps to keep up with their regular routines. This age changed the way we approached exercise, and in some instances, it helped us become more consistent since we could do it without leaving the comfort of our own homes.

The knowledge that your exercise is immediately at your fingertips is reassuring for those who haven’t returned to the gym yet. Others have found that the best workout apps are a more cost-effective alternative to a gym membership in recent years.

Some customers prefer a hybrid training method, which enables them to access their fitness programme from the comfort of their own homes or the comfort of their gym. If you are looking for the best workout apps, then this article is curated for you! We will list down the best workout apps. Keeping that in mind, let us see the advantages of fitness apps and different types of fitness apps!

Advantages Of The Best Fitness Apps

1. Simple To Track Diet

Weight watchers and persons who wish to gain weight might list the types and amounts of meals they eat at each meal to track their progress. Best weight loss workout apps use this information to compute the number of calories, carbs, proteins, and fats in your meal. You will be able to avoid foods that may be detrimental to your health in this manner.

With a single click, you can keep track of all of your food consumption and create a digital food diary. According to research, keeping a food diary or a food log encourages people to eat more intentionally and mindfully.

2. Keep Track Of Progress

With just one click, you can now keep track of all of your fitness and health improvements in one place. Best workout apps for weight loss allow you to enter all of your health information and get updates on your progress. For example, you may keep track of your blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels each time you get them examined by your doctor.

This allows you to keep track of all of your health information in one place. You may also compare your current blood parameters to your prior ones, which will give you an indication of whether or not your health has improved.

3. Free Health & Fitness Suggestions

Many health and fitness applications include health and fitness suggestions and recommendations, which may assist users in fulfilling their health and fitness objectives and achieving better health. You may also obtain free workout or exercise suggestions, which will make it easier for you to arrange your fitness schedule.

4. Steps Counter

There are now pedometer applications available for download on mobile phones, which allow you to keep track of your steps and the distance you have walked. Such applications assist you in meeting your step count goal by providing you with all of the information you need. Monitoring your steps might help you increase your daily step count and work harder to reach your goal.

5. Personal Health Coach

Technology such as smartphones has now made living a lot simpler. There is no longer any need to look for personal trainers, health coaches, or exercise classes. Fitness applications provide a variety of features that help you stay active and healthy. Personal health coaches are available on several applications for a reasonable fee.

The coach assists you in reaching your fitness objectives while also educating you on the many fitness activities and food options available to you. The greatest aspect is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time travelling to acquire this service. All that is required is that you download the app and begin a workout routine.

6. All-In-One Health Tool

Best free workout apps are similar to a one-stop-shop where you can keep track of all your lifestyle characteristics such as step count, nutrition and water consumption as well as blood parameters and training regimen in one place.

To keep track of all of these things, you do not need to keep many distinct diaries or books. Fitness applications may assist you in improving your living choices, which has a significant beneficial influence on your health.

7. Keeps You Motivated

One of the most significant advantages of utilising the best workout apps free is the motivation it provides. Fitness applications provide you notifications and reminders to keep you reminded of your health-related objectives, which helps to keep you motivated.

While using your smartphone, you may also come across your fitness app at different points during the day. Fitness applications have made our life simpler by allowing us to measure our actions regularly and keep track of our progress. As a result, you will be forced to remain focused on your activities and general fitness.

These were some of the best advantages of the fitness apps. Now let us see different types of fitness apps before moving ahead to the list of the best workout apps for beginners!

Different Types Of The Best Fitness Apps

1. Fitness-Tracking Applications

Keeping track of the calories you consume is a simple but critical first step in your fitness journey. Calorie counting fitness apps depend on the user’s honesty to deliver accurate data, but they also offer valuable information in exchange, such as nutritional breakdowns and calorie targets.

Fitness-tracking applications enable your smartphone or linked device to measure your physical activity, such as the number of steps taken, the distance travelled, and the speed maintained, to offer reliable statistics about your workout. The Fitbit, Nokia Health, Jawbone UP, and Moves applications are simple, easy-to-use tools for monitoring one’s fitness activities and progress.

Fitting reminders to the user about exercising and meeting fitness objectives can typically be set up in fitness monitoring and calorie counting applications. Some folks might be inspired just by receiving a motivating push from their electronic gadget. More engaging exercise applications are available for less interested individuals, and they may inspire, encourage, and motivate you!

2. Workout Fitness Apps

Exercising using fitness apps is quite popular with both amateurs who are unclear of how to plan their exercises and swoll beasts who must adhere to a rigorous schedule. There are a plethora of excellent exercise applications available on the market, but just a handful are very inspiring and simple to use.

3. Social Fitness Apps

Still haven’t found the motivation you need? Social fitness applications are a terrific motivation for those who are active on social media and want to stay in shape. Friends, relatives, and other users may see and comment on a user’s fitness statistics while using social fitness applications.

Others who utilise some social fitness applications, such as inKin, can connect with people who use different fitness apps and gadgets that would otherwise be incompatible with one another. Users may also establish challenges and contests that can be joined by anyone using a variety of different fitness equipment types.

In today’s social media-obsessed culture, we all want to brag about our successes and share our aspirations with the world. Social fitness applications are designed to accomplish exactly that.

4. Competitive Fitness Apps

If merely sharing your fitness statistics isn’t enough to motivate you to start moving, it’s time to step it up a notch with competitive fitness applications. Others offer more anonymous competitive incentives by allowing users to interact with their peers via the use of competitive applications.

5. Altruistic Fitness Apps

If having more money in your pocket still isn’t enough, it may be time to consider giving back. These applications keep track of your runs and bike rides, enabling corporate sponsors to make donations to the charity of your choosing on your behalf for every mile you cover on your behalf.

Nothing is more inspiring than the ability to contribute to a social cause that has personal significance for you. There will be no more excuses. It’s time to get pumped up! Because of the availability of these free exercise applications at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to get up and move about.

Now, we will see a list of the best workout apps!

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Best Workout Apps To Keep You Motivated

These are the best workout apps that will keep you motivated even during this pandemic:

1. Apple Fitness Plus

Wearers of Apple Watches will find Apple Fitness Plus to be one of the most useful fitness applications available. Exercise sessions include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength and core training, yoga, Pilates, and meditation, among others. There is a large selection of exercises to pick from, taught by several different trainers.

It was also helpful that there were two teachers in the background throughout lessons, demonstrating changes for beginners and those who wanted to push themselves harder, this was especially useful since there is no opportunity to choose sessions by difficulty during testing.

At first glance, the app seems to be a bit overwhelming, but courses can be sorted by the trainer, time, and the kind of music you like while working out to find what you’re looking for. It’s possible to add courses to your library, which allows you to quickly choose classes that you’ve taken in the past or that you want to take in the future.

It will be possible to view your Apple Watch metrics on the screen while you are working out throughout your exercise. You can also use SharePlay to participate in group workouts with other Apple Watch owners. This is the best workout apps iPhone.

best workout apps

Major Highlights Of This One Of The Best Workout Apps For iPhone:

  • Faster connectivity
  • Regular updates
  • Wide range of classes

2. Peloton

If you can’t afford to purchase a Peloton exercise cycle or Treadmill to keep in shape, the Peloton workout app is the next best alternative. If you’re looking to build and shape your body while still getting that post-Peloton buzz, there are hundreds of engaging sessions to choose from.

It is the teachers’ excitement that makes them stand out from the crowd, and there is also the possibility to participate in live sessions and compete against your friends. When trying this app, we found it impossible to get bored with the variety of exercises available, which included weight training, yoga, and HIIT cardio.

The ability to stack sessions is fantastic since it allows you to combine many classes into a single exercise, allowing you to easily include a cool-down or stretch into your routine. Although the sessions are simple to follow on a phone or tablet, we suggest streaming the workouts on television to get the full Peloton experience.

The Peloton programmes provide you with a more extensive schedule of courses to assist you in reaching your objective, whether it is to get stronger or to “destroy your core” in four short weeks. Runners may choose from a variety of exercise collections, which make it easy to locate a variety of workouts by kinds, such as strength training, resistance band training, or Pilates courses.

best workout apps

Major Highlights Of This One Of The Best Free Workout Apps For Women:

  • Wide range of motivational classes
  • Live classes
  • Offline downloads

3. Sweat

Founded in 2015 as a series of downloadable “Bikini Body Guides,” Sweat has now expanded into a full training software with a variety of various programmes and recipes to help you attain your fitness goals. Sweat is the brainchild of Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines.

Every woman may benefit from a structured programme, whether she is a new mom taking her first steps into post-baby fitness or a young lady trying to develop greater confidence in the weight room at the gym. Training with Kayla is a collaborative effort between her and others such as Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Britany Williams and Stephanie Sanzo.

If you feel like adding an occasional barre session to your schedule, you may quickly adjust your programme and attend on-demand sessions. In addition, the exercises are compatible with the Apple Watch. Although there is no free version of the app, prospective users may sign up for a 7-day free trial to get a feel for it.

The variety of workouts impressed us, although we found it a bit annoying to have to bend down and manually skip between exercises. However, this was not enough to discourage us from using the app regularly throughout our testing. We’d also remark that although this software is geared at ladies, there’s no reason why males couldn’t benefit from the training routines as well.

best workout apps

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Workout Apps For Women:

  • Seamless interface
  • Cross-platform support
  • Easy to follow

4. Lean With Lily

In case you’re a fan of Lilly Sabri’s ab exercises, this is the app for you. However, premium customers get access to Lily’s extensive free library of exercises and recipes. There is a free version of the programme that provides you with a reasonable number of workouts.

In addition to Lilly’s lessons, there are a variety of other challenges to participate in, such as a legs challenge, an abs challenge, and an upper-body challenge, among others. Regularly, new exercises and challenges are published. Of course, everyone knows that abs are formed in the kitchen (well, kind of), so Lilly’s app also includes a variety of recipes to assist you in sticking to a healthy eating regimen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sabri, she is a licenced physiotherapist and Pilates teacher who has garnered a following of 3.24 million on YouTube. She also offers free fitness challenges on her channel. She’s a fantastic motivator, and her directions throughout the class, as well as tweaks for novices, make this programme appropriate for students of all skill levels and abilities.

best workout apps

Reasons To Download This One Of The Best Best Free Workout Apps For Weight Loss:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Plenty of workout options
  • Different recipes

5. Fiit

Working out at home has never been easier than with Fiit, which offers a variety of training plans and regimens to accommodate people of all fitness levels. It is possible to participate in fat-burning courses, perform quiet exercises when the kids are sleeping, or participate in marathon preparation strength sessions to achieve your personal best.

Fiit has been accessible to consumers in the United Kingdom for some time, but the app is now available in millions of homes throughout the United States via Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex services. While working out, members who opt to allow access to a fitness tracker through the Fiit app on Xfinity’s X1 and Xfinity Flex for the first time will have their live metrics displayed on the TV screen.

In addition to Fiit points and rep counting, the app can also measure heart rate zones and the number of calories expended throughout a workout. The ability to organise group courses and compete against friends was one of our favourite features throughout our testing.

It was also nice to have the opportunity to create individual training programmes, which allowed us to choose a goal (such as reducing weight) and then see a tailored strategy on how to get there. This programme is not for everyone, and it may seem a bit “gym-bro” at first, and there is no ability to filter by music or play your music during the exercises. However, the sessions are difficult, and you will notice a change after a few weeks of use.

best workout apps

Features Of This One Of The Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone:

  • Freemium plans
  • Brilliant for home workouts
  • Heart rate monitor

6. Nike Training Club

Nike released its Nike Training Club app material free for 90 days starting in March 2020 to assist those who were forced to remain at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic to stay active. Since then, the app has remained free for users, and, unlike the other apps on our list, there is no longer a premium version available to download.

Nonetheless, Nike deleted several of their training programmes off the app as part of the upgrade, which was previously a popular aspect of the app. Instead, you may now sort exercises by muscle types like abs and core, arms and shoulders, or glutes and legs; workout emphases like endurance, mobility, strength, or yoga, and equipment. You can now sort workouts by equipment.

Filtering by time, level, and intensity are all available as options as well. The instructor-led exercises were entertaining and motivational, and the whiteboard workouts, which show you the full programme so you can follow along at your speed, were also a success during our testing.

In addition, you have the option to sync the exercise with your Apple Music library. There are certain shortcomings, but for free software, there is enough to keep you entertained and active.

best workout apps

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Best Free Workout Apps For Men:

  • Free content
  • Intensity classes
  • Home workouts

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7. Shred

The fact that you are not able to make as many trips to the gym as you formerly did does not indicate that your exercises should be stopped entirely. Shred claims to provide daily exercise programmes that span a variety of training types, allowing you to remain in shape even while you’re trapped at home with the kids.

Shred allows you to pick between several sorts of training like gym, body weight, and cardio and then provides you with a variety of workout programmes that will drive you closer to your objectives each day.

As a result of the app’s dynamic visualisations and activity monitoring, you can see how far you’ve come daily. A Shred community is also available to help you stay motivated throughout your exercises. Shred is one of the best workout apps for men.

best workout apps

Reasons To Download This One Of The Best Free Gym Workout Apps:

  • Easy to track progress
  • Online classes
  • Workout at home or in the gym

8. Centr

When it comes to choosing a workout plan, you could do a lot worse than following Thor’s lead and following his recommendations. The actor Chris Hemsworth has lent his support to Centr, an app that aims to integrate exercise with diet planning and mindfulness to help you stay in good physical and mental form.

Centr provides daily exercise videos that may be completed at the gym or home, and they cover a wide range of sports and fitness disciplines (HIIT, strength training, boxing and even yoga and pilates). Meal planning assists you in discovering nutritious and delectable meals, while guided meditations and sleep recommendations assist you in getting into the correct mental frame of mind.

During our testing, we were impressed with the range of lessons offered on the app, although we hoped there was a way to bring our music into the classroom. We also hoped that there was a way to download exercises in case the WiFi at the gym was not functioning properly at the time.

best workout apps

Why Choose This Best Free Workout Apps For Beginners:

  • Meal plans
  • Training programs
  • Home and gym workouts

Stay In Shape With The Best Workout Apps

The best workout apps offer the activities you’re interested in competing at a level that’s accessible to you. Ideally, a decent fitness app would enable many levels of competence so that as you grow fitter and more comfortable, you can challenge yourself to the next level.

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