Best Photo Editing Apps That You Need To Download In 2023

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best photo editing apps

Our best photo editing apps will make it easier for you to modify your photos. Because of cellphones and Instagram filters, everyone has become a photographer these days. Only true photographers, on the other hand, are aware of the need of altering raw images to present them at their best using the best photo editing apps.

For photographers, photo editing is a necessary aspect of their job description. You can make your beautiful photographs even better by editing them and modifying parameters such as exposure, white balance, and colour. Furthermore, by modifying your photographs, you may minimise the size of your picture files even further.

Smaller images may help to improve the loading performance of your WordPress pages, which in turn can help to enhance the ranking of your website in search engines. But what are the best photo editing apps that could help in perfecting your photo editing job? Don’t worry, we will be telling you the best photo editing apps in this article.

So, let’s begin this photogenic journey!

Best Photo Editing Apps For Absolute Beginners

And by beginners, we suppose that you know the basic operation of your respective device. Here’s our list of the best photo editing apps:

1. Adobe Lightroom

When it comes to the best photo editing apps free for photographers, Adobe Lightroom is a tool that cannot be overlooked. Photoshop and other Adobe tools are widely regarded as the industry standard when it comes to picture processing. If you find Photoshop to be too hard and time-consuming, you will like the simple, one-click start-up interface of Lightroom.

The sleek, uncluttered interface of Lightroom makes it easier to focus on your photograph. Using the left-hand side, you may rapidly access your photo collection, allowing you to flip between pictures while you’re working on an edit. Drop-down options may be found in the right-hand panel, which can be used to swiftly make edits, add keywords to your images, and do other tasks.

To get into your picture editing, you may need to utilise the Lightroom horizontal tabs located at the very top of the workspace. To alter your photograph, you may make use of lens correction, split tone, effects, and other necessary adjustments. Lightroom keeps track of your picture adjustments through a drop-down history menu in the development module’s left-hand panel.

It is possible to easily browse back through your picture alterations, make changes, and review them before saving them with a custom preset in this manner. Lightroom separates itself from the competition by providing a centralised picture editing platform that is very straightforward to use.

best photo editing apps

Major Features Provided By This One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone:

  • Face recognition
  • Easy gradient modifications
  • Support for a variety of devices
  • Tools for repairing and blurring images

2. Skylum Luminar

For a variety of reasons, Luminar has quickly become one of the most popular and the best free photo editing apps among professional photographers across the globe. One pays a one-time flat charge to the software rather than a monthly membership fee, as is the case with Adobe. Furthermore, Luminar offers a large number of integrated tools and accessories.

Believe it or not, Skylum Luminar makes use of the same keyboard shortcuts as Adobe Lightroom. In such a situation, because of the same keyboard keys between the two apps, the transition to Luminar is straightforward and quick. Skylum’s complete Luminar series makes it simpler than ever before to create distinctive, stylized photographs that stand out from the crowd.

Skylum has a certain level of excellence. Although it seems to be crammed, you may obtain them for free on the internet. Some of them are developed by free photographers, while others are created by well-known, expert photographers to assist you in achieving your desired looks in a short amount of time.

The Luminar Look may be customised by adjusting the editor’s strength and colour to fit your shot after it has been applied to the image. Even your brilliant appearances may be produced and preserved, which saves you a lot of time in the editing process.

best photo editing apps

Reasons To Love This One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps For Mac:

  • Real-time AI editor
  • Different adjustment layers
  • Decent image layers
  • Easy to use

3. Adobe Photoshop

For painters, illustrators, and designers all around the globe, Photoshop has shown to be a capable and dependable image altering software. The fact that Photoshop is the best photo editing apps for windows 10 is one of the reasons why many novices want to learn how to edit photos with it.

The fantastic things Photoshop can achieve will be discussed later, but we already know that it is attempting to minimise the learning curve by providing well-organized work environments. For example, the Photoshop brush, histogram panel, and selection tools are all readily available to the photographer working in the workspace.

When it comes to the three-dimensional workspace, the 3D Panel and 3D Material Drummer in Photoshop is given precedence over all other tools. You may, of course, create and store your unique workspace by becoming familiar with Photoshop and selecting the editing app that you want to work with. Create a customised workspace that contains just your preferred apps to boost your editing speed and streamline your workflow.

best photo editing apps

Why People Love This One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps:

  • A large number of features
  • Advanced colouring techniques
  • Several layers editing
  • Advanced colour retouching


It is jam-packed with the kinds of image-improving tools that you would expect to see inexpensive apps, and more are being introduced daily. The picture editing toolset is fantastic, and it includes textures, filters, curves, and levels, among other things.

Thanks to the superb clone stamp and healing tools, you may quickly and effectively remove flaws, create custom-designed brushes, modify perspective, and utilise sophisticated tools to edit isolated sections in Photoshop.

GIMP is a free, open-source picture editor that can be customised with a variety of plugins created by its users and developers to make it even more useful. It is the most effective and the best photo editing apps for selfies. Many of these are pre-installed and may be acquired from the official glossary before the installation process begins.

If that is not adequate, you may also use Photoshop plugins to enhance your experience. Gimp, in contrast to the other apps on this list, is more than simply a photo editing application. It’s an application that allows you to alter images. This is the most sophisticated online image editor available. This is more than any other Instagram template, and it is used by scientists, graphic designers, illustrators, and those who wish to be scientists and graphic designers.

best photo editing apps free

Major Highlights Of This Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone Free:

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced tools for free
  • Ad-free interface
  • Cross-platform support

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5. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

In addition, the Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 is a simple and quick method to improve the appearance of your images – either individually or in batches. The built-in Windows Photos app has many of the same features as the third-party software (including cropping, rotation, and colour correction), but you can only edit one photo at a time, which might take several minutes if you have more than a handful of images to work with.

Although the streamlined design of Ashampoo photo optimizers 2019 makes it easy to understand, it does not have some additional helpful functions that you will not find in most of the best photo editing apps for Android. The software comes pre-loaded with a variety of photographs for you to experiment with, but you will be able to erase them and begin working with your images immediately if you like.

The Auto Optimize button is one of the most appealing features of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019. Unlike a few other ways, it analyses a picture and makes many alterations to improve its sharpness, colour, and brightness. However, it cannot be used for batch image optimization.

It’s an intriguing notion that works particularly well for landscape photography, but we’ve discovered that it tends to overexpose the brightness of other subjects, resulting in photographs that seem washed out. This is the best photo editing apps for iPad that you can get for free.

best photo editing apps free

Key Features Of This Best Photo Editing Apps For Instagram:

  • Free to use
  • Automatic controls
  • One-click improvements
  • Modern interface

6. Fotor

Fotor is an excellent application to use. Fotor is loaded with software and filters that improve the picture, resulting in the best-looking photographs. It supports all of the most popular picture file types, as well as RAW file processing — a feature you may anticipate from a photo editing app that costs a lot of money.

Fotor, in contrast to the popular GIMP free source IMO editor, cannot match with the plethora of tools, browsers, and plugins available in Photoshop. Fotor is packed with one-click filters that may be applied to your photos to enhance them depending on the lighting and subject matter.

As an example, artificial lighting and sunsets; portraits; theatre; scenery; and so on. This is one of the best apps for photo editing. In exchange for the unusual but not too annoying advertisement, Fotor offers an excellent assortment of picture editing apps.

It is possible to apply certain effects, frames and borders may be added, the photographs seem better, and fuzzy effects can also be accomplished by reclining, which would normally need the use of a pricey camera.

The primary emphasis is on speed and efficiency, as shown by Fotor’s 13 various one-tap scenarios, which may be used to completely transform the appearance of your images.

best photo editing apps free

Why Should You Opt For This One Of The Best Free Photo Editing Apps For iPhone:

  • It is completely free to use
  • Simple to use
  • Tools for creating collages for free
  • Various file converters are available

7. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is one of the best Android apps for photo editing that provides functionality similar to those found in Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. Paint.NET has layers, which enable you to alter individual picture portions while simultaneously creating an image from diverse elements of another image.

It also comes equipped with a Gradient tool, a straightforward text editor, a powerful zoom capability, and even a Clone Stamp tool for clearing up grainy images. Paint.NET allows you to make changes to the lighting, colour, contrast, curve, saturation, and level of a picture without having to resort to using a variety of special effects.

You can blur, sharpen, deform, emboss, and remove the annoying red-eye effect from your images with just a few clicks using this app. Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop or other professional picture editors should get familiar with its straightforward graphical user interface (GUI).

Paint.NET is simple enough that even complete novices will have no trouble understanding it. All of the standard instruments, along with filters and other modifications, are shown as icons in the left-hand panel’s drop-down menus. Following the completion of your images, you may apply vignette and sepia filters to give them a retro appearance for Instagram-style vintage effects.

Paint.NET enables the usage of user-created plugins, which may be used to add new filters and functionalities to the app. We particularly appreciate the Liquify plugin, which enables you to bend images in the same way as the Photoshop tool of the same name does.

best photo editing apps

Selling Point Of This One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps:

  • Retro touch
  • Free to use
  • Cross-platform
  • Advanced editing tools

8. PhotoScape

PhotoScape’s graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the most exotic we’ve seen so far, with resources grouped in unusual configurations on different pages. Surely, she does not want to be a carbon copy of Photoshop and to have fewer features.

As a result of the powerful PhotoScape filters, you may quickly and simply level up, sharpen, or apply mild filtering to images in a flash if you have the appropriate choice available. Despite the many features, the basic toolset is PhotoScape’s most impressive feature.

The editor is really capable, and all of the options are self-explanatory and well labelled. For novices, this is a helpful tutorial, and you are urged to experiment with the various filters and see what occurs. If you make a mistake and wish to wipe the slate clean, there is always the Undo or Undo Everything tool available to you.

For beginners in the field of picture editing, being able to produce something stunning by tinkering with PhotoScape is very pleasant – and this serves as a springboard for trying new things and becoming more creative.

best photo editing apps

What Makes PhotoScape One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps:

  • Bulk editing
  • RAW picture editing
  • Straightforward UI
  • Impressive tools

9. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is the successor of Pixlr Editor, which has been one of our favourite online photo editors for many years and is still one of our favourites today. Pixlr X is an incremental improvement over its predecessor. Because it is built on HTML5 rather than Flash, it may be accessed using any current browser.

It’s also stylish and well-constructed, with an interface reminiscent of Photoshop Express and a choice of dark or light hues. It is possible to create seamless colour and saturation changes, to sharpen and blur photos as well as to mix numerous images, vignette effects, and frames with Pixlr X.

Apart from that, there is support for painting and drawing software, which is not available in some free online photo publishers, and there is a comprehensive set of tools. In the case of Pixlr X, you may simply choose a picture from your computer’s desktop or input a URL. It is the best photo editing apps for free.

best photo editing apps

Key Features That Makes Pixlr X One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps:

  • Easy interface
  • Self-explanatory tools
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Easy to use interface

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10. PiZap

The free PiZap online picture editor is available in both HTML5 and Flash versions, making it suitable for use on almost any laptop or computer. There are other options, including a photo on your hard drive, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Search, or a shop catalogue.

Even while this is a compelling alternative, only paying customers will be able to access any stock photos, and if you utilise Google Images directly, you will have to be on the lookout for copyright issues. The editing interface of piZap has a dark, sleek look that largely relies on sliders to make rapid changes – a system that is much superior to complicated icons and menus if you are using a touchscreen. PiZap is available for both Mac and Windows.

As soon as you’re completed, you’ll be able to share your work on all major social media platforms, in addition to the Dropbox and Google Drive servers owned by PiZap itself. You may also make a backup of your hard drive, send it through email, or get an embed code.

best photo editing apps

Reasons To Download This One Of The Best Photo Editing Apps For Windows 10:

  • Free stock images
  • Great level of details
  • Different catalogues
  • Different social media templates

Upscale Your Photography Skills Using The Best Photo Editing Apps

If you work as a photographer, picture editing is an integral element of your job. You may make your already stunning photographs even better by adjusting several settings such as exposure, white balance, and colour.

By editing images, you may also assist to minimise the size of the image file by altering the photographs. You should pay special attention to this if you want to post images on your photography website or social media account. You can use the best photo editing apps listed in our article. These apps are available on different platforms.

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